Saturday, December 30, 2006

Anodyne Coffeehouse
4301 Nicollete Ave
Minneapolis, MN 55409

Reg latte - $2.25 plus tax
Cuppa Joe - $1.61 with self-serve refills for 50 cents on the honor system!
A trusting lot aren't they...

Anodyne's is certainly a praiseworthy establishment that takes its menu very seriously. Coffee is organic Fair-Trade from Peace Coffee. Soups are made from scratch, along with the granola, waffles and pastries. Organic ingredients are used and available. My kids enjoy the donuts!

Anodyne's Coffeehouse is a community oriented shop. The art is local and jazz is available from 7:30 to 9:30PM every Tuesday evening. Friday nights are reserved for local musicians from 8 to 10PM.

You'll find seating for most types of comfort levels. My tush prefers a cushion, which is readily available at Anodyne's. In the middle of the dining area is a long table that feels awkward, and frankly, looks awkward, but provides a bingo-like community atmosphere. The lighting is sufficient, but barely, and I wouldn't advise trying to study with the music blaring.

Anodyne's decor is industrial-trendy and very original. It has some corrugated galvanized metal and other crafty reused materials which gives it a part-diner feel. The industrial trend continues in the bathroom where the floors and toilet were clean, but they need to ask one of their pierced baristas to wipe the half-inch thick dust off the pipes and dirt stains on the walls. If you go, please don't add to the icky graffiti on the walls - have you no shame!!

Anodyne's Coffeehouse is a wonderful experience, from the toys for the kids to play with, to the great menu, community orientation, and the comfy seating. But if I could share my pet peeve with management - please buy "sugar in the raw" packets and not in bulk. Do you know how difficult it is to properly measure sugar on a spoon? My coffee gets over sweetened every single time.

Anodyn's has repainted and cleaned up part of their men's bathroom...thank you Lord!! And they now offer Sugar in the Raw for those of you sugar packet neurotics like myself...

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