Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Coffee News Cafe
1662 Grand Ave
St. Paul, MN 55105

Cuppa Joe $1.25
Latte $2.75

Did I hear you ask for the quintessential college coffeeshop? If I did, the answer would be Coffee News Cafe. Although I have yet to figure out where the name came from.

Every community needs a Coffee News Cafe on their block. Either that or a Birchwood Cafe because everything you need is right there - good food, coffee, local art, ale, wine and a very lived in, good-feeling feeling, if you know what I mean.

Coffee News Cafe is located in the heart of Macalaster College. I discovered it when my older son and I visited the Janet Wallace Fine Arts Center a few years back to see our first African Music Ensemble show. We had incredible sandwiches, coffee and a cookie and we were hooked. We look forward to catching a show so we can have a complete evening of music, comfort food and good feeling-feeling that we are in a real community. It truly is a great combination.

If I could find something to nitpick, it would be the strange seating along the west wall and the table my family got stuck in the last time we were there for a meal and some music at the college. But, my wife was so impressed with the fresh cut french fries and chicken sandwich, and I was so loving devouring my portabella mushroom sandwich, that was juicier than the juiciest half-pound burger, we forgot that the table on one side and the heat radiator on the other side was pinching us together. I truly did forget until I started to smell the material of my favorite jacket heating from the radiator kicking in.

It is a great experience and an all around friendly place to eat....it just has a good feel....please visit Coffee News Cafe.

PS: I did not see any FTO signs sticking out at me, but they do have some pretty tasty vegetarian items.

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