Thursday, May 3, 2007

Bob's Java Hut
2651 Lyndale Ave. S Minneapolis, MN 55408

Cuppa Joe $1.50

Mon-Thurs 7am-11pm
Fri-Sat 8am-12am
Sun 8am-11pm
For a person like myself whose day seems to always start after 9Pm, Bob's Java Hut gives you that comforting feeling that many SUV driving soccer mom's and elite suburban wannabee's comes to expect in Starbucks and Caribou - it is always open. The hours are for the latenight folk and when I get there, between 9 and 11Pm, it is the latenight crowd who are sitting around smoking and chatting on the sidewalk picnic tables, probably talking about their hotrods or Harleys.
I am not of that ilk, but I am not intimidated when patronizing Bob's. The staff has been one of the most friendliest I have seen(break the ice by asking if the barista ever poked anyone's eye's out with his 12 inch hair spikes) .
If you enjoy motorcycles, you will love the decor. Even though you can't purchase a motorbike, unlike their competitor south of Lyndale where you can buy a bike while you get a coffee (see CRC below), there is memorabilia from bygone days scattered around the shop. Most interesting are the table lamps made from old gears - very cool touch!
Seating is great and plentiful and the bathrooms are always clean. In the warmer weather the great big garage door is opened up and the sounds and smells of Lyndale Ave penetrate the shop. Herein lyes my only my quirk I have ever experienced at Bob's, which management simply cannot control. There are so many smokers that visit Bob's that when the doors open up the smoke enters the shop and is really bothersome. You just have to get there when there are not a lot of smokers gathered out front.
I have never had a bad cup of java at Bob's Java Hut. It always tastes good and is piping hot. Combine the great coffee with the great staff, an interesting and unique atmosphere, and you have a winning coffeeshop.

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